One part of doing C++ the right way is using automatic variables for everything you possibly can. However at some point in your C++ endeavours, you’re likely to be using a C API of some sort, with explicit method calls to manage lifecycles, which can make this more difficult. My work at Canonical has involved talking to lots of these sorts of APIs, many of them based on GNOME’s Glib. To make life easier, I have created a set of easy to use wrappers to manage the lifecycle Glib and GObject objects.

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If you’re currently executing your target platform that you build your product from instead of a properly installed Eclipse, you will have troubles when you upgrade. Eclipse 3.5 and above don’t count plug-ins as installed by simply unzipping - the configuration meta data must refer to them. The best way is to download a complete Eclipse and unzip this somewhere on your build server, instead of assembling it from components at build time. Guess we should have been doing this all along.

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